Tuning a piano on your own is a great way to save money you’d have spent on a Piano tuner to do it for you. But while the idea sounds fun and easy, it is worth noting that doing it yourself will require you to have some skills, and thorough preparations;

Tune-your-PianoBasic knowledge; before sitting down to tune a piano, there are basics that should be on your finger tips. Most Pianos you’ll find have 88 keys, and while not all may need tuning, it’s a good thing to be able to identify all. The first 5 lower keys, and last 5 upper keys hardly ever get played, but it’s prudent to have them sounding good too.

Tools; clearly, you’ll need some tools if you wish to tune your Piano yourself. These may include a laptop, sound equipment, a tuning hammer, as well as some software which you can download online. However, if you don’t possess the tools, before you rush to buy new ones, always ask yourself whether the total cost of buying some will be cheaper or more costly than what a piano tuner would have charged you to tune your piano.

Identify the Problem; while tuning your piano may just need fastening or replacement of the piano strings, always bear in mind that there could be other problems with it. Thus rather than opening up your piano, tuning the strings but finding that there were other problems, always start by identifying what ails your piano. If the problem is beyond your level of skills, never try a trial and error method. Rather, the best thing is to just get a professional tuner to handle it.

Make use of the Internet; the internet is full of videos and tutorials that guide you on how to tune your piano. You Tube is specifically a great place for these tutorials. Often, the tutorials are done by experts, and they provide a simple step by step guide on how to proceed. Tuning experts who post those tutorials also leave their contact address below the videos; you can contact one in case you get stuck during the process.

Basically, tuning a piano on your own is a doable task, but one has to consider the above tips.


You can either decide to tune the piano yourself, or get a piano tuner in Hammersmith & Fulham to do the job for you.

Lipedema is a medical condition that involves irregular distribution of fat around the buttocks and thighs, or the legs too. The condition mostly affects men, although men too suffer form it in some instances. Initially, this irregular distribution of the fat looks unsightly, and makes the one suffering mistake it for the normal obesity

What are they symptoms of Lipedema?

Usually, this condition is characterized by an abnormally larger lower half of your body, as well as legs that are column like. The legs may be overly tender, and bruise at the slightest chance. In other words, look at it this way; your upper body is Size 18, but your lower body measures size 16! This is caused by the abnormal, irregular distribution of fats. The more the fat accumulates, the heavier the lower body becomes and if this continues, the fat may also start accumulating in the arms.


Doctors suspect that female hormones play a big role in the occurrence of this condition because it tends to affect women more often. Besides, it is more rampant in women at puberty, when they are pregnant, or even during menopause.


Unlike obesity, diet or exercising do not cure lipedema treatment. Doctors can drain the lymph nodes manually, whereby the blocked areas are gently stimulated to open up and allow for the fat to be pumped into other parts of the body.

Liposuction is one of the most effective ways of treating this condition; the fat is surgically removed in the affected areas.


Doctors recommend those who are battling this condition to reduce fatty foods intake, and take plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fibers in your diet are also necessary, to initiate proper digestion and metabolism of the fats in your body


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In the recent time people have resulted to dancing for fitness. It has been discovered that a lot of calories are lost during dancing seeing as there is a lot of activity. Some findings actually point towards the fact that dancing is more effective than exercise to attain and maintain fitness.

Bollywood-DanceContrary to popular belief, you can actually use bollywood dancing for fitness purposes. Unlike what people have convinced themselves over the years, the art is very effective in keeping the body fit and agile. This is because there is a lot of moving around and that activity is what leads to fit physiques at the end of the day.

The dances involved require you to move your body into some postures which are very intricate. Seeing as they require a lot of practice, you get to move your body more and as it conforms itself to the turns and spins, the muscles soften and allow flexibility making you very fit.

The dances as they are popular for are very exuberant. Lots of energy is required to undertake them perfectly to elicit emotion. Doing so also helps to shed calories making the body very fit.

It is also important to know that through the dancing you get to kill many birds with a single stone. This is because you will bond with other people, hone your dancing skills, make and keep yourself fit all while having the time of your life.

Using the dances for fitness also teaches the body endurance. Bollywood dance London take quite some time due to the fusion of styles that are woven together to create a message. Since they take long to finish and the dances are many, the body adapts itself so that it can be able to withstand the continued pressure placed on it by the exertion. In so doing the body is able to keep fit more easily and a lower price too since you don’t pay anyone to dance although you will have to pay membership fees at gyms.


More and more people are turning to bollywood dancing for fitness because the method is very effective.


It is very important to try using dance for fitness as it is very consistent and effective.

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